Custom Silicone Hand Prosthesis

Once the fullest possible physical and surgical rehabilitation for an injured hand has taken place, candidacy for an aesthetic hand prosthesis can be determined. Photographs as well as any information from the referring physician or therapist will facilitate this process.

The possibilities and limitations of aesthetic hand prostheses will vary with the individual. It is an assist device, designed whenever possible to maximize the potential of the injured hand. The prosthesis can increase capabilities, and ease the psychological burden of disfigurement. The prosthesis will restore natural symmetry to the body.

The custom hand prosthesis is designed and fabricated in a multi-component system, consisting of a reinforced silicone “glove” and encapsulated armature, resulting in an appliance unsurpassed in lightness and durability.

The prosthetic hand is individually colormatched to closely resemble skin. Careful attention is paid to every detail to achieve the remarkable lifelike qualities of this prosthesis. The medical grade silicone with which the prosthetic glove is made is highly resilient and is virtually impervious to stains. It is resistant to ultra violet light degradation, tearing and ordinary thermal damage. Adjustments for seasonal color change may be necessary.The inlaid nails can be polished.